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Donors are vital to YoungLives at the local area and regional levels. Because YoungLives areas are financially supported solely at the local level, donors’ financial gifts account for all of an area's budget and part of a region's budget. Your donation helps areas hire and train staff and provide essential administrative support to the area. Your contributions also support operating expenses such as salaries and other ministry costs and can help send moms, their kids, leaders and child care to Young Life camps.

Give someone "The Best Week of Their Life"

You can help change two lives forever!  According to the impact survey, every teen mom who attended camp reported that camp had transformed their lives  One week at camp gives new hope to teen moms and their babies as they learn and experience God’s love and saving grace. There, at camp, with their physical and childcare needs met, teen moms are immersed in the love of God and can focus on their future.

Your contribution – the total cost to send the teen moms, their babies, volunteer mentors and leaders to camp is $26,000.  This includes transportation, housing, childcare and food.  The girls are also raising money and will be responsible for $100 of their cost.  With your gift, you can remove a barrier between these girls and “the best week of their lives” so they can hear the life changing message of Jesus.  All gifts are helpful and appreciated. 

Your donation is fully tax deductible.
  Please make your checks out to” Young Life” and write “FL222 Camp” in the memo line.  Gifts can be mailed to Jacksonville YoungLives, P.O. Box 2173, Jacksonville, FL 32203. Or online using the link below:





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