​What is YoungLives Club?

The goal of YoungLives club is to offer teen moms all of the elements of a typical Young Life club with the addition of childcare and a meal. Regardless of how big or small the group is, club is a friendly, fun, family-like atmosphere where teen moms can hear a clear and compelling presentation of the Gospel by leaders who have invested in their lives.

Quick YoungLives Club Tips
  • YoungLives club is usually held three Monday's a month during the school year.
  • YoungLives club is not normally held in homes, but in community centers or churches.
  • Transportation is frequently provided both to and from YoungLives club.
  • Dinner and childcare are provided at YoungLives club.
  • Men are welcome to help with childcare, music and program.
  • Mentors participate as leaders at club.
  • YoungLives club is geared toward the teen mom who may not know much about Jesus or who may have negative feelings toward Him.
  • A successful club is one in which Jesus Christ is made known. It may have nothing to do with the number of girls, how many laughs, or how smoothly you felt like it was run.

Area Clubs

North/Westside Club

Club meetings: 1st & 2nd Monday of each month @ 5:47 at Westside Chapel, 4541 Shirley Ave Suite 8, FL 32210​

Campaigners/Life Skills meeting: 3rd Monday of each month @ 5:47 of each month at Tabernacle Baptist Institutional Church, 903 E Union St, Jacksonville, FL 32206

Contact Jordan Whitmarsh-


Greater Arlington/Beaches Club

Open to all pregnant or teen moms. 

Club meetings 1st & 2nd Monday @ 5:47 of each month at Emmaus Church of Jacksonville, 425 Sans Pareil St, Downtown, FL 32224

Campaigners/Life Skills meeting: 3rd Monday @ 5:47 of each month at Emmaus Church of Jacksonville, 425 Sans Pareil St, Downtown, FL 32224

Contact Jordan Whitmarsh -​​​​


YoungLives Jacksonville | PO Box 2173 Jacksonville, FL 32203-2173

Phone: 9045885989

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